Yes She Did

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.

-Oprah Winfrey

Big velvety pillow became my spot as grandma Tinnie and I watched one of America’s favorite day time TV personality. Channel 2 was her home and 4’o clock was her time. From watching families that were torn apart to her sowing seeds of hope into the minds of millions, she had every bit of my attention. Last night as I eagerly waited for her to take the stage, anticipation of what she would say caused me shush everyone as I focused in. As always she didn’t disappoint. Oprah Winfrey stood before the world and made women who had been belittled and made to believe that their ass is their only asset that would get them onto the big screen was no longer acceptable. As I watched her, I smiled inside thinking about how Oprah became one of my Shero’s. I wasn’t sure why my grandmother watched religiously, but I thank her for exposing me to a woman who will forever be a powerful force.



To admit a mistake takes an act of courage as well as the ability to use the mistake as a stepping stone towards growth. How many will admit to their mistakes and then turn around and smile at those who have the privilege of sitting in the throne of judgement and say, “I am so happy for this mistake 🤗”? Many become depressed and lose focus. They find themselves feeling as if their world has come to an end. But I come as the messenger to say LIES ALL LIES!!! A mistake can be for your advancement. A mistake can be the very thing that keeps you from making a mess of your purpose. A mistake can set you up for an opportunity of a lifetime. See, the key is changing your mind about the mistake. Instead of gathering balloons and eating ice cream out of the carton while crying, you begin to celebrate the fact that you now have the solution. You are now equipped with an inside view on what it feels like and looks like to do that particular thing wrong. Yep, you are now the proud owner of the key that unlocks the door to someone else’s SUCCESS!!! #sports #goals😍 #purpose #mistakes #lifequotes #womeninbiz #womenstyle #give #happy #dontgiveup #yep

Move Out of My Way

I was listening to Oprah yesterday and she was talking about faith. She said something that caught my attention and made me stop what I was doing and really digest it. She said faith is God saying “Excuse Me”. Often we face adversity and we climb into the bed with anxiety, fear, shame, and worry and expect them to make it all better. We use them as an excuse to hide away and not pursue what God has placed on the inside of us. After hearing that message it was clear that God needed me to move out of His way and let Him be the head of my life and my provider as I have quoted many times. The difference between then and now is that I believe it so deep that I did and it was scary and I didn’t know how but today I received an unexpected message. It was from a friend that I met on social media and she has been a blessing in so many ways. God tapped her heart and put my name on her mind and well, yet again, I had to move out of His way. Now a new journey is beginning. My faith is increasing and the vision that God gave to me is starting to manifest. It’s like God has placed a blank canvas in front of me and has told me to be still as He paints the details and eventually the Masterpiece will be completed.  It will catch the eyes of unbelievers and those that discounted His ability to take someone like me and create something that is of value and takes their breath away. In aw they will be because God used my broken pieces to create wealth and abundance within me. He can do the same for you if you are willing to get out of His way instead of bucking against the process. Patience, practice, humility, and perserverance are now my comfort and keepers.

The Head and Not the Tail

Hmmmm…we now have a President that uses words like SOB in a situation where someone is merely expressing their freedom of speech and protest. While in the other hand we have people who have a hate for someone’s skin color who simply gets a tap on the ✋? There are so many other issues that need to be dealt with. So many ways that #45 as he is coined can help to really make a difference in this United States of America. I wonder did he miss the leadership classes that taught that leaders are the head which means that if the head is not functioning, the body will be out of order. Let me go back even further. Let’s dig into definitions. United is defined as “joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings”. How can we be United if the very person that was appointed uses his platform to openly encourage division? If someone takes a knee in protest, what a true leader does is take the necessary action to hear that person out instead of publicly criticize and cause others who are already looking for a way to stir up division to act out and keep the hate and division going. This should be a lesson to many of the leaders who are considered “disruptive” when they seek positive change to take a stand and lead the way. I watched Steph Curry’s interview this morning about him being uninvited when he didn’t hesitate, he simply said he didn’t feel comfortable going to a place that is no longer welcoming and he spoke about doing something positive with all the negative stuff that our “President” is putting out there for the world to see. My challenge to you who took the time to read this is to question what you’re doing with what you have. Are you willing to take the lead and truly work towards “uniting” those who are willing to make a difference or will you continue to comment on posts and be a spectator afraid to take a stand then silently rep the harvest that people have labored over once the dust clears👀

My Childish Freedom

Sitting here after making a decision to take a stand for my promise, I begin to reflect rather than jumping right into my to do list. So often I’ve become discouraged when things don’t work out or I can’t make sense of the vision that God has given me. I can recall times as a little girl I would freely spin around and around on this broken fence that we had in our housing projects. As I would sit on top of the bar and grab ahold to it and lean backwards to go under and over, I would find enjoyment in that moment. I wasn’t afraid of falling or mistakingly letting go of the bar. No, I held on tight and enjoyed the moment.

As adults we forget about those moments and lose our faith in the moment. We become smothered by life and all the details and deadlines and rascisim and social media posts and we forget to be free. Today as I sit here taking a moment to reflect I’m reconnecting with my freedom. My childlike faith and childhood memories that were good are helping me to add some excitement to this phase of my life. The truth is, I don’t know, you don’t know when this life will be over. Yes we have bills to pay and kids to take care of and businesses to run, but what if you allowed yourself the freedom to be free and creative in the process? What if when you have a meeting, instead of being so stuck on the details that you allow creativity in the room? Try it. What do you have to lose? What if before your meeting you showed a funny video or had your team to share something great that happened to them rather than jumping right into the details?

Today I’m free. Today I’m so happy and grateful for the opportunity to reflect on what was good about my childhood that has prepared me for this moment. Like Les Brown said in one of his messages, “I am the one”. You are the one. Reconnect with your inner child and giggle a little, run a little, color a little, just be free a lot and watch how your life begins to change.

Down but Not OUT!!!

The other day I was thinking about the many times I’ve said, “oh man this is too hard” or “dammit, I’m tired”. Then I went even farther to think about the many people that are living yet they are dieing on the inside. There is a constant war going on that no one can see inside of many people. As an individual that battles with internal wars I have become eager to take a stand. No more laying down when I feel tired and I know I’ve slept long enough. No more giving in to the temptations to procrastinate and put things off until I feel better. No more apologizing for being the unique person that I am. Nope😊 I am living because I realize that one day, I have no clue when, but I’ll take a final breath and that will be it for this journey. Many people are afraid of death but we die daily when we allow people to rob is of our peace and when we allow our minds to drift off into this place that creates the illusion that we are not worthy of living an abundant life. I have made a conscious effort to push myself harder and not allow myself to be pushed over by life. My thought that I leave you is, what are you going to do now? Are you going to continue to focus on what didn’t happen or will you change your mind to focus on what you can do to make it happen?

Don’t Let It Cause You to Sink

“I am not my past, I’m a present gift to this world”- Tinnie Garlington

I was hesitant at first. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to follow the movie. My good friend asked me if I wanted to watch while waiting for the weather to change so that the kids could go swimming. I said yes and I have to admit, out of being exhausted from being out late the night before, I fell asleep. I asked if I could borrow the movie and she politely said no because she’d just purchased her copy. So today I decided to treat myself to a Redbox movie. The Shack of course. As I watched there were so many messages that resignated with me. I felt a sense of self awareness and I cried as I watched a father find peace and discover his happy again. I thought about the many moments that I was angry with God and the times I played the judge. This movie causes one to reflect and dig deep within and pull out the roots of unforgiveness, self doubt, shame, hurt, and pain. I’m grateful for my friend recommending this movie as it is one that caused me to remember that life happens. God did promise that we wouldn’t experience pain or rejection, however, there is a promise that if we keep our eyes, mind, and heart fixed on Him, we can experience an abundance of joy, peace, and the ability to push past the pain and live on purpose. Jesus walking on water is a representation that if we focus on the pain, the unforgiveness and things that we have no power over, we will sink and eventually drown in sorrow and the negative things that life throws our way. 

Discovering You

“There are people in our lives that remind us of who really are”-Girls Trip

Tonight as we all gathered at Phipps Plaza to watch Girls Trip, I looked around the room and saw all of these beautiful women ready to laugh and enjoy a night out with the girls. I felt empowered and excited that I had a moment to just be me.  I can recall a time where I had my crew of friends. We laughed together, cried together, and fought through the toughest times together. Every now and then I reflect on those times. I was free!!! No judgements, no “LIKES”, just living life without regret. As we get older we lose that part of ourselves not realizing that we need that freedom in our adult life. This movie awakened the part of me that believes in my dreams. It awakened the part of me that loves me enough to know when is time to step back and value ourselves enough to know when it’s ok to be lonely, vunerable, and relaxed. Life can come down on you like a ton of bricks but it’s always good to have those girls that will help you turn those bricks into a solid foundation of truth, self reflection, and the ability to operate in your uniqueness without limiting your self or feeling inadequate. Girls Trip is packed with laughs, gentle reminders, and a mirror to reflect on how FREAKIN’ AWESOME you are!!!

#GirlsTrip #GirlsTripATL

The Younger YOU

When was the last time you encouraged the younger you? If you take a moment and reflect on some of the decisions that you have made and how you have reacted to certain situations, you will find that the younger you took the wheel and ran a muk in your mind as Momma Dee from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta would say. Today I want to encourage you to acknowledge the younger you. Speak life into that younger person in you that was never validated or felt worthy of the brilliance that’s within them. I know for me, I have struggled with the eight year old girl that faced adversity, the thirteen years old girl that became pregnant and had no one to encourage her to keep going or cheer her on when she made the principles list despite of being pregnant in the eighth grade, and that seventeen years old girl that dropped out of high school and had no where to live. All of these stages in my life were in a constant battle with each other and sometimes took over and I had no control as the adult in the situation. I know this may sound like some real Sybil type of stuff, but it’s real. As people we have to get unSTUCK© and begin to have positive conversations with ourselves to calm down those stages in our lives. There will be times when we need to let them lose as adults like when being creative, having fun, or just enjoying life without worrying for example. But it is critical that you acknowledge the younger you in order to maintain a healthy balance in your life. 

-CEO, Tinnie Garlington

Collateral Beauty

Tonight I had the opportunity to sit still. No working, no social media, just me, my love, and my son watching Collateral Beauty. As I watched the movie and the story started to unfold, I was reminded of how time, love, and death are a trinity. We are born within a certain time span and we learn to love those we encounter. We face death everyday until the time comes that our loved ones have to say their last goodbyes. However, there is beauty in all of them. These things never fade away. They are a part of life’s DNA. As the story ended, I begin to smile knowing that if I go back to a time where time wasn’t an issue, begin to love what’s makes me who I am, and understand that one day this body of mine will no longer have life, but the spirit within me will live through the many memories that I created in the hearts of those I encounter every day, this life wouldn’t be grey, yet filled with so much color even when life seems unfair. Therefore, it’s no longer an option to be afraid or waste time or space not loving and appreciating the beauty of this life that I’ve been given. NO WAY…NOPE. NOT TODAY 🤗